Tuesday, 1 May 2012

friends in Kirkby

everyone had their own friends right? So do I. I have friends from my neighbourhood, my primary school, secondary school, matriculation and the latest one, of course from KIC

my big family (dickinsons)

happy family

bersih participant (nehh, this is tarian  satu malaysia event)

(some of) my housemate

to the alamanda (with baju melayu of course)

in front of the pool

handmime performer

there are still many of my Kirkby's friends that were not included, but that's not mean they are not important, it's just I'm too lazy too upload so many pics :P. I hope this friendship last forever, even after we all have become a teacher

first ever event held in Kirkby International College

hmmm, it's been 8 months I've lived in Cyberjaya and studied in Kirkby International College. There are so many memories since our first day. So many event were held to united the heart of the students. If u ask me which event are memorable to, my answer would be the first ever event held in KIC, which is "Merdeka-Raya".
It is the first time for me and the rest of the students to conducted and joined the event itself.

shuhada been the "victim" for the first game

they play the flour

this is called "the longest line"

trying her luck to throw the coconut

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

favourite artist: HUJAN !!!

today I'm gonna tell you about my favourite band (although u don't want to know), that named themselves as "HUJAN", which means "rain".

a brief detail about them. Formed in early 2006, this wave-worthy band consists of Noh on vocals and 2nd guitar, Izzat Uzaini on bass, AG Coco on 1st guitar and Azham Ahmad on drums. Influenced by a diverse range of bands which include the likes of The Strokes, Butterfingers, and even Pot Amir Radiostaq (ROSIN), Hujan prefers to classify their music as alternative rock and has no qualms about delivering their material in Malay. Living and breathing the element they take their name after, their music alternates between the light, heavy and the torrential storm a reflection of the many stories, moods and agendas embedded in their songs. They sing about everything from love, God, family and to the happenings of the world. Their supporters are called "RAINGERS" (and I am one of the Raingers community)

The band has come a long way from performing at humble gigs and selling their 1st and 2nd EP (1,2,3 Go?)
Their first ever EP (check2 rock2)
second EP (1, 2, 3 GO?)

Their first ever album, the self-titled album, was produced on 2008. It was produced under Noh Phrofile (Noh's own recording label) and was distributed by FMC Music

Hujan's first album

their second album was out on 2009. the titled og the album was Mencari Konklusi (which means, Finding a Conclusion).

Mencari Konklusi's album cover

their third album, Lonely Soldier Boy released on 2010. This album was distributed by Warner Music

Lonely Soldier Boy's album cover